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SOS Relief Cream


luxurious and creamy, this fast absorbing emulsion offers irritated, high-color and compromised skins healing and strengthening support, anti-irritant benefits, calming and soothing properties while re- establishing the neuro-cell communication.

  • For the most sensitive of skins
  • When skin regime requires calming and soothing / healing and strengthening
  • Ideal for irritated skins needing relief
  • Perfect for compromised skins of all ages needing ICU care

G&M Neurocosmedics is a prescription ONLY range and can only be sold after a consultation with one of our skin therapists.  This is due to its high level of active ingredients, so that we ensure you are using the correct product for your skin.

Please fill out the enquiry form and one of our qualified Beauty Therapists will be in touch.

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