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Professional Skin Treatments

Skin Consultation (30 mins) ~ $ 40.00
To ensure you receive the most effective treatment at S & Co. and to also receive a personalised homecare regime, we advise a thorough and specialised skin analysis to be performed by one of our internationally qualified Beauty Therapists.
Express Indulgence (30 mins) ~ $ 72.00
This customised treatment is perfect for those stretched for time. Includes double cleanse, exfoliation, mask and treatment moisturiser.
Deluxe Facial (60 mins) ~ $ 100.00
Energising and complete skin maintenance. This facial includes cleansing, exfoliation and an appropriate intensive serum, face and neck massage, mask and moisture protection.
Total Relaxation Package (90 mins) ~ $149.00
Enjoy total bliss. Starting with a back neck and shoulder massage, we will ease tension and ensure you are perfectly relaxed before begining our deluxe facial. Total Relaxation.......

Ginger and Me Mindfulness Facial Treatments

Hydrating Mindfulness Facial Treatment (60 mins) ~ $ 145.00
A skin-mind moisture explosion guaranteed to calm, soothe and hydrate the skin and mind; plumps and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, supports critical cell-to-cell communication whilst empowering a healthy state of mind and attitude.
Age Defying Mindfulness Facial Treatment (60 mins) ~ $ 145.00
A skin-mind anti-aging powerhouse of actives rich in Omega 3&6, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to boost skin health, protect it from external aggressors, correct and prevent the signs of premature aging whilst empowering a healthy state of mind and attitude.
Brightening Mindfulness Facial (60 mins) ~ $ 145.00
A skin-mind enlightenment; bringing skin and mind clarity to life; prevents skin pigmentation with an immediate brightening gratification; evens out skin tone, gives skin radiance and glow whilst empowering a healthy state of mind and attitude.
Purifying Mindfulness Facial (60 mins) ~ $145.00
A skin-mind detox; decongesting, purifying, anti-bacterial and oxygenating for skin clarity, to reduce breakout and rebalance the skin whilst empowering a healthy state of mind and attitude.
Corrective Mindfulness Facial (90 mins) ~ $185.00
A skin-mind final curtain; the crème dela crème experience incorporating noninvasive yet super effective microdermabrasion to support the ultimate skin journey whilst empowering a healthy state of mind and attitude.

Advanced Skin Treatments


O Cosmedics combines the most advanced anti-aging treatment modalities using Biomimetic materials. A serious cosmedical approach exclusively engineered using the purest combination of medical grade ingredients and comsetic science, blended harmoniously with nature. Professional strength, cutting edge formulations. Based on international research and clinical data there is no room for error. O represents precision skin care alongside PRO Dermal Planning to biologically return the skin to its normal function. Our world exclusive V8 Peptide complex works behind the scenes on the essential cell structure to age proof your skin and accelerate healing and rejuvenation. Using chirally correct actives in their highest concentration, organic ingredients PLUS super potent and super intelligent peptides, antioxidants, AHA’s, BHA’s, retinol, niacinamide, resveratrol – and that’s just for starters!

Pomegranate Enzyme Peel (45 mins) ~ $ 129.00
This is an ideal entry level peel for the most sensitized skins, enhancing cellular renewal and boosting hydration. This gentle yet effective peel is perfect for inexperienced skins, or as the first step in a double peel for serious results! Pomegranate enzymes effectively lift and digest redundant cells whilst the multifruit BSC, lactic acid, and johoba esters hydrate, moisturise, repair and reduce inflammation.
Pumpkin Peel (45 mins) ~ $135
A beginner peel for skins concerned with ageing, pigmentation, sun damage and skin challenges. Pumpkin offers a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients with antioxidant benefits that target skin receptors to promote healthy skin cell turnover, resulting in age defying. This is a perfect step before progressing to our Retinol Peel.
Oxygenating Peel (45 mins) ~ $ 135.00
This is the perfect peel for all skin types, an instant pick me up helping to awaken, renew and smooth even the most tired of skins. Perfectly formulated with the highest levels of Natural fruit acids, papaya, pumpkin and pomegranate enzymes, and infused with oxygenating and moisturising peptides. This treatment increases desquamation of skin cells and in turn increases the hydration of the skin. Smooth, hydrate, plump and renew the skin in just one application.
Catalyst Retinol Peel (45 mins) ~ $ 149.00
The perfect Vitamin A anti-ageing peel, perfect for all skin types looking for skin health, repair and correction. Concentrated levels of pure Retinol and encapsulated Retinol, Niacinamide and Natural Fruit Acids work together to counteract skin aging, improve the appearance of UV damage, normalise keratinisation to improve the skin’s cellular renewal process, refine and resurface the skin, even out skin tone and anti-inflammatory activity in even the most weakened skins.
Bio White Peptide Peel (45 mins) ~ $ 149.00
Hi-strength vitamin C and peptide peel, for pigmented, uneven skin tone, dull and devitalised skins. A unique biomimetic peptide encapsulated in a liposome allowing optimal whitening and lightening effects on the skin. With concentrated levels of Vitamin C, encapsulated Resveratrol, Niacinamide and natural fruit acids this treatment has the power to stimulate cellular turnover whilst protecting collagen and elastin! It is anti-ageing, hydrating, brightening, nourishing and anti-inflammatory.

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